Where’s the Beef? The Best BBQ Spots in Texas!


Craving for a smoky, succulent BBQ? Texas is the answer when it comes to being the real deal! Without a shred of doubt, Texas is known as the king of BBQ states. With a BBQ spot around the corner of every crossroad, it becomes a tough task to find the perfect spot that hits the sweet spot. Worry not, our seasoned pitmasters have compiled a definitive guide of their favorite hotspots, places that will ensure you get your money's worth. Whether you are a local Texas native or a tourist who's just visiting, this is a guide that will help you distinguish the exceptional from the good!

Best BBQ Places in Texas

Barbeque, that's both smoky and delicious is the stuff of legends. Texas, a state known for its barbeques, is the home to thousands of barbeque spots. With an endless array of options, it becomes hard for a barbeque aficionado to choose a favorite. Our seasoned pitmasters have cut out your work by compiling a guide that will help you in distinguishing the best from the rest.

#1: Franklin Barbeque (Austin)

Franklin Barbeque, an eatery known for serving some of the best barbeques in the state, is owned and run by pitmaster – Aaron Franklin. Aaron's, a well-renowned author that has penned an NYC bestseller titled,' A Meat Smoking Manifesto', owns Franklin Barbeque, and is the host of a popular TV show titled,' BBQ With Franklin.' With stellar accomplishments as such, there isn't room to argue! So, head out to try the barbeque at Franklin's whenever you are in Austin.


#2: Micklethwait Craft Meats (Austin)

With a cult following of barbeque aficionados, Micklethwait Craft Meats is a spot with modest beginnings set in a small vintage trailer. Famous for its smoky, succulent meats, Micklethwait Craft Meats food truck runs out fast! So, get there early, to experience a once in a lifetime barbeque!


#3: Miller's Smokehouse (Belton)

Belton, a small town a staple for all state folk when it comes to barbeque houses Miller's Smokehouse. At Miller's, a barbeque aficionado can chow down brisket by the pound, savor the Louisiana style ribs, or indulge in their famous smoked sandwiches. A dish that's not to miss. Anyone of 'Mama' Miller's desserts.


#4: Schoepf's BBQ (Belton)

Schoepf's barbeque first opened its gates in 1993 and has since garnered a legion of barbeque aficionados throughout the state. With a wide array of options to choose from their menu offers meat cuts such as pork chops, ribs, sausages, sirloin, steak, quail, and briskets. If barbeque isn't your thing, then you can try one of their famous tacos!


#5: Fargo's Pit BBQ (Bryan)

Located in the city center of Brazos County, Fargo's Pit Barbeque is the home of the state's best barbeque. With world-class briskets and ribs, Fargo's is famously known as a budget-friendly spot. What are you waiting for? Head out to Fargo's Pit with a loved one for a delicious meal that you will never regret!


#6: Mike Anderson's BBQ House (Dallas)

An all-round pithouse, Mike Anderson's Barbeque House is famous for its pulled pork. Mike's pork shoulders are shredded to perfection combined in the most delicious mix of herbs and spices. Forget not to try their famous fried okra!



#7: Pecan Lodge (Deep Ellum)

"Where there's smoke, there's flavor. That's Pecan Lodge in a nutshell. it's the unwavering belief that the best things in life are smoked in a pit and steeped in time-honored traditions of generations gone by." Well, with a slogan like that, one can be confident that they take their barbeque very seriously. At Pecan Lodge, the pit burns 24-hours a day, making it a stop where there's always barbeque for hungry souls. Head over to this joint and gobble a few of their famous smoky briskets.


#8: The Salt Lick (Driftwood)

Based in the hills of Texas Hill Country, The Salt Lick is the perfect spot for an evening full of food and fun. Known for it's Bring Your Own Barbeque (BYOB) policy, illustrious history, generous helpings, and courteous staff, The Salt Lick is without a shadow of doubt one of the best that separates it from the rest. Keep some cash handy as The Salt Lick is a cash-only spot and get ready for the best barbeque of your life!


#9: Luling City Market (Houston)

A family-owned rustic eatery that operates seven days a week is nationally renowned for its sauce and is in the heart of Texas. What more can one ask for? Luling City Market serves a wide variety of meats all made and tested with tried recipes. Try its famous 100% beef sausage, a crowd-pleaser for over three decades. When at Luling City Market, forget not to try their renowned barbeque sauce!


 #10: Ray's BBQ Shack (Houston)

Ray's a Houston favorite for all things barbeque. With menu choices of baby-back rib, Chicago style ribs, sausage, and sliced brisket, Ray's got a menu that makes it tough to choose even for the Gods. Famous for its hickory-smoked meats and homemade barbeque sauce, Ray's BBQ Shack is a place where you can never go wrong!  


#11: Snow's BBQ (Lexington)

Snow's barbeque, a genuine Texas barbeque where everything is right. An array of meats, courteous staff, never-ending lines, and specialty sauces. Snow's BBQ is a cozy spot located in a small town with exceptional barbequed briskets and ribs. If you aren't there already and it's past noon, then chances are the meat has already run out!


#12: Killen's BBQ (Pearland)

Located in Pearland, Killen's Barbeque is the place to be when it comes to most salivating ribs in the state. Meats that are spiced just right at Killen's the meat falls off the bone. Like all the spots listed in this guide, Killen's barbeque quickly sells out with shores of people standing in lines out the door. A BBQ that's Killing? Visit Killen, see what we did there, eh?

We are there Already!

When you are out and about, looking for a BBQ spot. Look no further for an evening full of food and fun, use the guide compiled by our seasoned pitmasters for a foodgasm that will last!