6 Best Pellet Smokers You Can Online

With the large variety of smokers in the market, deciding which smoker to buy can get overwhelming. For this particular article, we’ll be talking about pellet smokers and the best pellet smokers that you can buy online. 

The different kinds of smokers depend on the fuel that they use. Charcoal smokers use charcoal, gas smokers use traditional gas or propane, and pellet smokers make use of “pellets”—compacted sawdust and wood. 

Most buyers tend to stray away from pellet smokers because of the misconceptions that surround them. While pellet smokers do come with electronics and some specific terminology, the usage of pellet smokers are no different than other kinds of smokers. 

One great reason why you should buy pellet smokers, aside from the easy usage and convenience, is that the compact sawdust and wood pellets can give a unique smokey flavor to your meat that will not be achieved by other kinds of smokers. 

How we made our choices

Each pellet smoker in this list has been tried and tested by previous customers, ensuring the high quality and excellent performance of each pellet smoker. All items in this list are also highly recommended by other BBQ websites. 

We have taken into consideration the construction, quality, efficiency, and features in choosing the smokers and have a variety of options to cater for everybody reading this article.

Below you will find our top pellet smokers.

Pit Boss 700 Square Inch Pellet Grill

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700s pellet grill (1)

This is the large, 700 square inch pellet grill from Pit Boss that is the most popular among the brand’s pellet grills and smokers. It is also highly recommended and has received several positive feedbacks from previous customers.

Pit Boss is an Arizona-based company that manufactures all kinds of high-quality grills and smokers, as well as grilling equipment and accessories. It is a household name when it comes to grills and grilling equipment in the US. 

This pellet grill offers Pit Boss versatility that you can use depending on your needs and preferences. You can smoke your meat to a smokey and juicy perfection, and you can also choose to char your vegetables, or maybe grill your burgers or charbroil a steak. 

The best thing about this Pit Boss Pellet Grill is that it uses 100%, all-natural wood pellets that are more environmentally-friendly than other fuels and will give your food a natural smokey flavor. 

This is also a highly advanced pellet grill with a Digital Control Center that allows you to have complete and precise control to your pellet grill. It can go from 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This wide temperature range allows for versatile cooking methods. 

There is an additional Flame Broiler side plate that can provide you with a cast iron cooking surface. The heavy-duty PVC and polyester backing will protect your pellet grill from elements so that it will last you a lifetime. 

Reviews have been nothing but positive, with most remarks focusing on the high-quality construction and easy usage of this grill.

Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill and Smoker in Bronze

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This is an 884 square inch pellet grill and smoker from Traeger Grills that is highly recommended and chosen by many pellet smoker buyers.

Traeger Grills is the pioneer to pellet grilling, as it is the company responsible for inventing the first and original Wood-Fired Grill. This original wood-fired grill was created in Mt. Angel in Oregon, over 30 years ago. At present, Traeger Grills is the leading company worldwide when it comes to pellet (wood-fueled) grills.

This particular pellet grill and smoker from Traeger Grills is one of their most popular and highly-rated from their extensive list of pellet grills and smokers. 

The extremely versatile grill allows six methods of cooking, from grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, to braising and BBQ-ing food over the heat. This will certainly level up your cooking game in the kitchen. 

This is an extremely high-quality and durable grill, made of sturdy steel with a durable finish. The grates are made of premium porcelain, and the wheels are made to sustain all kinds of terrain. This construction is to support the large capacity of this grill, that can surely accommodate large batches for a large number of people. 

The 884 square unit cooking space can accommodate 40 burgers all at once, or 8 chickens, or 7 racks of ribs. 

While it may look large and intimidating, it is incredibly easy to use. Traeger Grills prides itself in its “set it and forget it” easy to follow instructions. 

A lot of the reviews are positive, with most of them praising the easy assembly, easy usage, and incredible efficiency of this pellet grill. Other reviews are amazed at the capacity of this grill, perfect for more significant cuts of meat. 

Z Grills 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, 8 in 1 BBQ With Auto Temperature Controls

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This is 2020, an upgraded version of the original Z Grills 8 in 1 BBQ Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker. The quality and performance of this pellet grill are mirrored by the massive amounts of positive reviews and recommendations of other BBQ grill websites. 

This is a highly advanced and versatile pellet grill and smoker that supports 8 methods of cooking: grilling, smoking, roasting barbecue, roasting, braising and even baking.

The pellet grill technology is made to be efficient, using the lowest amount of pellets as possible. You can use the grill for 20 hours non-stop with just 20 pounds of pellets. Moreover, the internal temperature of the pellet grill stays within a range of -10 or +10 of the temperature you set. This temperate range is consistent and is not affected by the external temperature of your area. 

Because it is efficient, you will find that this pellet grill will cost you less for the amount of fuel, as compared to gas-powered or carbon grills. 

Aside from the highly efficient design, this pellet grill is also made to be user-friendly. There is no need for you to ignite the system manually. Instead, the electronic auto-ignition system will do it for you. 

Cleaning this pellet grill will also certainly be a breeze for you. There is a specially-designed waste oil collector that you can pull out and dump out for a fast and easy cleaning process. It’s the similar concept for dump out ash pans of charcoal and kamado grills. 

The 2020 upgrade has focused on giving a more precise temperature control system than its previous predecessors. This new upgrade also includes the digital auto-ignition feature and keeps the temperature from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The most common reviews give positive feedback to the quality and easy usage of this pellet grill. This is an excellent pellet grill for first-time owners. 

Camp Chef SmokePro Stainless Pellet Grill with New PID Gen 2 Digital Controller

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This is the new version of the Camp Chef SmokePro Stainless Pellet Grill that has a PID Gen 2 Digital Controller. PID Digital Controllers are a modern high-tech feature that utilizes a feedback loop mechanism from the fan and the auger. 

Camp Chef is a popular company that manufactures all equipment needed for outdoor cooking—from smokers, grills, to outdoor stoves. They offer a wide variety of outdoor gear that is made high-quality, durable, and advanced.

In terms of the advanced technology, this Camp Chef pellet grill has a digital control system that automatically deposits pellets to maintain a constant temperature, without outside manual intervention. 

You can quickly check your meat temperature and the pellet grill’s internal temperature by merely pushing a button. This is possible through the dual LED temperature reading. This pellet grill can sustain temperatures from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees.

There is a drain system that makes it easy to collect and remove ash and grease for a quick cleaning regime. 

Moreover, the sleek outdoor design is made to match the advanced technology that this pellet grill uses. There are a premium, stylish stainless steel lid and four sturdy legs to support this pellet grill. 

This pellet grill also offers an ample cooking space, at 573 square inches and can accommodate significant meat cuts, from ribs, briskets, to roasts and large batches of smaller meat cuts. Aside from the primary cooking space, there is also an additional warming rack and a high-quality stainless meat probe. 

Previous customers have satisfactory experiences with this pellet grill, particularly pointing out the delicious and impressive taste that this pellet grill gives to their food. 

Green Mountain Davy Crockett wifi Control Portable Wood Grill

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Green Mountain Davy Crockett WiFi Control Portable Wood Pellet Grill

This is a highly advanced portable pellet grill that can connect to the wifi for remote control. It has positive reviews and ratings on Amazon and has been recommended by numerous BBQ grill websites. 

Green Mountain Grills specializes with wood and pellet grills that are world-class in quality. They are pellet grill pioneers and are well known for the technology that they apply to their pellet grill products.  

This is a portable grill that comes with a WiFi-connected digital controller. You can access this digital controller through the Green Mountain iOS or Android mobile app. This digital remote controller and monitor make it easy for you to leave your grill, while at the same time keeping an eye on the food that you are cooking. 

Adding to the technologically-advanced design, there are Sense-Mate heat sensors that give accurate and precise readings on your internal grill temperature. These are the readings that appear on your remote phone app monitor. 

It also comes with various accessories like a meat probe, a peaked lid for unusual ingredients like a stand-up kitchen or rib racks. There is also a convenience tray that can hold your grilling tools. 

This is also incredibly versatile, meant to be run in different environments—whether it’s camping, music festivals, tailgating or hunting. It only weighs 68 pounds and folds down for compact size and shape that can neatly fit into your trunk if you decide to use it for other locations. 

Previous customers are pleased with the long-term experience that they’ve had with this pellet grill, with most of them recommending it to to-be buyers, and that this pellet grill will undoubtedly improve the skills of any novice BBQ griller. It’s a must-buy. 

Camp Chef 24-inch Smoke Vault 

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This is the large, 24-inch smoke vault from Camp Chef. 

Achieve delicious and unique tastes to your food by using the Camp Chef 24-inch smoke vault that makes use of a heavy-gauge steel wood chip tray and water pan. This cooking system allows for a low and slow cook that gradually infuses your food with flavor the is truly mouthwatering. 

This smoke vault can be used for a wide variety of foods, from meat, turkey, ribs, briskets, roasts, to even baking your delicious pie. It will undoubtedly serve as an easy-cook, easy-use, stand-alone cooking equipment that will change your cooking and eating habits. 

The internal temperature is also easily controlled, with adjustable heat-dials and three damper valves, that you can use to manage the airflow and keep a consistent temperature. This smoke vault pellet grill can keep temperatures from 160 degrees to 350 degrees. With the easy to read door thermometer, temperature control will certainly be precise and complete.! The burner drum is also protected as an additional heat control measure. 

It makes use of a matchless snap-ignition that will undoubtedly prove to be convenient over using other wood triggers to start up your smoke vault. The design is also easy to clean, with a removable porcelain bottom tray that catches any oil or debris.  

It already comes with a jerky rack and two cooking grids. Moreover, there are specific smoke vault-related cooking tips and ideas that you can read up and incorporate with your smoke vault for dishing out new flavors into the dining room. 

Camp Chef has been providing outdoor cooking equipment for over 25 years, and this extensive experience and time of service has wielded positive reviews and numerous recommendations for this smoke vault. 

Most customers point out the easy assembly of their smoke vault units, and the high-quality and easy usage of it that has not failed them even after a long time. 

Those were the 6 best pellet smokers that you can buy from online. All smokers in this list were highly recommended by previous customers and other BBQ grill websites alike. 

What you should keep in mind when buying pellet smokers

There is no standard or common kind of pellet or wood-fueled grills or smokers. Brands come up with different designs that have various features according to the demand of their customers and what current technology deems to be the best. 

When it comes to this wide variety, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for your pellet smoker: 

  • Pellet grills are not lightweight 

When buying your pellet grill, it is first essential to understand that they are not lightweight and they are certainly not going to be useful if you are planning to take them with you for backpacking. Even the small, portable ones can weigh up to 50 pounds. Moreover, pellet grills are electric-powered, and most even require wifi for control and monitoring. 

If you are looking to buy a pellet grill as a carry-on, you might want to look at other kinds of grills instead. 

  • Consider the cleaning process. 

Different kinds of pellet grills from different brands require different amounts of care. Most grills have an oil pan that is to be regularly lined with aluminum foil. Other pellet grills, like the ones made by Traeger, should have their heat diffuser plates covered with heavy-duty lining foil for extra protection. Ash will collect on the bottom of your pellet grill, so you do need to vacuum after a few uses to remove this buildup. 

Consider the cleaning and care regime of the pellet grill that seems doable for you. 

  • Newer pellet grills are highly advanced 

The new generation of pellet grills is highly advanced when it comes to technology. Most have automatic ignition and pellet-feeding systems, others require wifi connection, while some have moving parts. 

If you are not comfortable and confident working with this much technology with your cooking, you may want to opt for the less-advanced pellet grills that utilize older methods. 

  • Consider the location of use

Here’s one disadvantage of pellet smokers: they require electricity. And so, they could only be used in locations where you can have access to power. 

If you are planning on keeping your pellet grill in your backyard, you can plug it into an outside socket, no problem. But, if you are planning on moving it around or you don’t have an outdoor outlet, be sure to have an extension lead.

  • Get something high quality 

Pellet grills are an investment. It’s essential to invest in durable, good quality smokers that are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. 

The technology of pellet smokers allows for more rooms of error, and so, be sure to consult reviews and recommendations before making your decision. It’s also a good idea to get smokers that come with built-in or protective accessories. 


James is the editor at Best Barbecue Wood, he loves BBQ wood and spends his free time cooking outside on his grill. He's always trying the different types of wood to perfect the perfect ribs.

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