Gotham Steel Indoor Grill Review

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11 Secret BBQ Tricks From Grill Masters

With its lightweight construction and portability, our Gotham Steel Indoor Grill review looks at the ingenious new way for grillers to cook anywhere, indoors or outdoors, where there is electricity.

This model has become quite popular for its low price and its outstanding performance. It's one of a kind, as the manufacturer didn't make or produce one like it before or after.

Gotham Steel Indoor Grill Review
Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill, Indoor Grill, Nonstick Ceramic Electric Grill – Dishwasher Safe Surface, Temperature Control, Metal Utensil Safe, Barbeque Indoors with Virtually No Smoke, As Seen on TV
  • Indoor Smokeless Grill: Enjoy your favorite grilled foods anytime you want...
  • Smoke-Less Technology: This indoor smokeless grill has a mindfully designed...
  • Even Heating: The heating element is spread across the surface to ensure...
  • Temperature Control: Adjustable temperature dial that maintains perfect...

Overview of the Gotham Steel indoor grill

Gotham Steel indoor grill joined the World Food Championship as an official cookware partner in 2017. This alone speaks a lot about the brand. The company is also one of the first to introduce nonstick cookware made out of titanium and ceramic.

The Gotham Steel indoor grill is a fine example of the brand's sheer determination to grow and excel.


  • It weighs 4.9 pounds, which makes it very lightweight and portable.
  • It's budget-friendly.
  • Cooks great.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited features.

Things to consider before buying the Gotham Steel indoor grill

Do I need it? How often will I be using it? These are some crucial questions that need to be considered while adding new equipment to the kitchen.

The Gotham Steel indoor grill would help you a lot if you can relate to the following scenarios. 

  • You cannot lift heavy objects. In this case, moving your grill around would be a lot of trouble if it’s over 12 pounds.

  • You're so used to barbecuing or grilling using the traditional grills that you don't feel comfortable using the newer ones, or you feel like they have a complicated setup. This is a fantastic feature for older citizens who love to cook.

  • When you go traveling or camping, it is impossible to pack a bulky grill; this is where you will need a lightweight and portable grill.

However, this grill is not an ideal choice if:

  • You're looking for a grill with many fancy features.

  • There are many members in your family.

Features and benefits of Gotham Steel indoor grill

Heatproof frame.

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Many people will admit that they got their hands burned at least once while grilling. With the Gotham Steel indoor grill, this is less likely because it is equipped with a heatproof frame and cool-touch handle.

Nonstick ceramic surface.


Gotham Steel has a reputation for being one of the few brands that excel in producing ceramic nonstick cookware. And you can be sure that this one too has a high-quality nonstick surface that distributes heat evenly and cooks delicious food with consistency.

Removable grease catcher.


This small tray is ceramic coated, and it serves two purposes. Firstly, it is designed to store or hold fats that drip while cooking. Secondly, it prevents the grease or fats from burning, which is responsible for producing smoke.

Detachable temperature dials with four heat selections.

Detachable temperature dials with four heat selections.

The Gotham Steel indoor grill comes with four heat selections, i.e., warm, low, medium, and high heat. Using the dial, you can select the heat according to your liking. Keeping the food warm using the grill is a pretty good thing that you may find helpful.

Dishwasher safe.

Cleaning this grill is so easy as it has a removable grill plate and grease tray. Also, it's dishwasher safe, excluding the electrical part- temperature dial. This facilitates the cleaning process.

dishwasher safe

Social proof

Here is a short review of the Gotham Steel indoor grill by a customer.

 "I'm indeed impressed and thrilled with the product. It's small, compact, and great for storing. It does lack certain features I was expecting, but it looks great. Also, it works great at home, in the caravan, and even in camping situations. I love it because it’s problem-free and it's easy to clean. I'd highly recommend it for families with two or three people."


Alternatives to the Gotham Steel indoor grill

Below are some indoor grills, which are fantastic alternatives to Gotham Steel indoor grill.

Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill w/Non-Stick Cooking Surface & Adjustable Temperature Knob from Warm to Sear for Customized BBQing, Dishwasher Safe Removable Water Tray, Black
  • GRILLED FLAVOR, LESS SMOKE: This grill produces less smoke than traditional...
  • COOKING IN THE ZONE: The temperature on this grill varies by heat zone, so...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Non-stick surface ensures meals will slide off the grill and...
  • SAFETY FEATURES: No dangerous fumes, cool-touch handles and overheat auto...

This model might be a perfect fit for those looking for a bigger version of the Gotham Steel indoor grill. This grill, however, has a higher price tag.

Take a look at the following comparison list for a better understanding.

  • Chefmen grill has a slightly bigger grill plate, and it has to overheat protection, which the Gotham Steel grill does not have.

  • Unlike the greased pan on the Gotham grill, the drip pan on the Chefmen is not nonstick, and it must also be filled with water before cooking.

  • Chefmen grill is at least 2 pounds heavier.

Check out this steel grill on Amazon for more details.

Nonstick Electric Indoor Smokeless Grill - Portable BBQ Grills with Recipes, Fast Heating, Adjustable Thermostat, Easy to Clean, 21" X 11" Tabletop Square Grill with Oil Drip Pan, Black
  • 【Smokeless Indoor Grill】- Smokeless grills ensure you enjoying the...
  • 【Larger Grilling Surface】- With a 16" x 11" large square grill surface,...
  • 【Fast Heating Electric Grill】- This grill features 1000W heating...
  • 【Adjustable Thermostat】- 5 modes to adjust the temperature. You can...

Equipped with five modes of adjustable thermostat, nonstick, grill plate, and ceramic-coated drip pan, the Tectake grill is reliable cookware that can be a great addition to your kitchen.

Differences between the Gotham Steel grill and the Tectake grill include:

  • Tectake has a larger grilling surface and offers more control of the heat selection. It has five modes of the adjustable thermostat. On the other hand, there four modes in the Gotham Steel grill.

  • The price is a little higher.

For more Check on Amazon

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Grill, 6-Serving, Nonstick Easy Clean Plates, Silver (25371)
  • Large Size: Family sized 90 square inch surface can grill up to 6 servings...
  • Grills Meals in 10 Minutes or Less: Great for a Quick Meal and Fats Drain...
  • Easy to Clean: the Nonstick Plates Easily Wipes Clean and the Drip Tray...
  • Low-Fat Grilling: Fat Drips Away From Food as It Cooks

This one is pretty unique in terms of design and aesthetics. It has a nonstick cooking surface that is big enough to accommodate up to six servings. Surprisingly, it weighs only 5 pounds, which is almost as light as the Gotham Steel grill.

Check out the comparison list between the Hamilton beach indoor grill and the Gotham Steel grill.

  • This grill has a larger grilling surface and is ideal for families with 5 to 6 members. In contrast, the Gotham Steel indoor grill can only accommodate four servings.
  • The Hamilton grill has indicator lights - the red one indicates that it is on, and the green one lights up when the grill is ready for use. On the other hand, the Gotham Steel grill does not have indicator lights.

Check out this Hamilton grill on Amazon


Indoor electric grills have become one of the essential kitchen appliances. And yes, there are hundreds of versions and models on the market which you can choose according to your preference. If you require a small and compact indoor grill, the Gotham Steel indoor grill is a choice you won’t regret. 

Visit this link to check out the Gotham Steel Indoor Grill.