Best flat top grill for camping

Do you love grilling your food? Are you planning on a camping trip and carry a grill? Then you are in the right place. Smokers and grills are available in many sizes and types, though portable ones are ideal for camping. However, we will look at the best flat-top grills for more versatility and freedom when cooking. 

This article will tell you;

  • What to consider before purchasing a flat top grill?
  • Which gas to use for flat-top grills?
  • Can you smoke on a flat-top grill?
  • What kinds of food can you cook on flat-top grills?

Best flat top grill for camping

6 Best flat top grill for camping

Nothing beats a flat-top grill while camping. We have options for people who want to lug a propane gas tank with them and for campers who want a more portable version when out in the wilderness.  

  1. Wood and charcoal burning by FirePit+ (best pick)
  2. Two burner tabletop LP gas griddle by PIT BOSS 
  3. Propane gas grill griddle by Royal Gourmet 
  4. Portable LP propane gas grill griddle by Razor Griddle
  5. Griddle with stand and adaptor hose by Blackstone
  6. Flat top grill 600 by Camp Chef

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

FirePit + Wood and Charcoal burning
  • It comes with a battery (12,000 mAh) for maximum burn time.
  • It has a remote and Bluetooth feature for controlling the flames.

This flat-top grill by FirePit+ is a thing of beauty, and it is our top pick. It has everything you need from a grill for optimum cooking outdoors. The grill comes with a patented airflow technology and creates hyper-efficient flames. It produces fire as you grill, which adds to the taste and brings out the warmth and crackle of fire to enjoy. 

So what are you waiting for? Try this fantastic flat-top grill because you will not regret it.

What to consider before purchasing a flat top grill?

Before you purchase a flat top grill, always consider;

  • The size 

  • Height 

  • Cooking capacity 

  • Burner options 

  • Built quality (Stainless steel)

  • Portability 

  • Budget 

Once you sort these out, choosing a flat top grill becomes an easy task. 

Which gas to use for flat-top grills?

It is essential to know that flat-top grills are all powered by propane gas. The flat-top grills have multiple heat zones (depending on the product), so you can light up the burner and control the flame. The capacity of the propane tank will also determine how long you can cook. Most of the portable flat-top grills come with a small 1lb tank and holder. But you can always buy an adaptor and connect it to a bigger tank for more extended uses. 

Can you smoke on a flat-top grill?

If there is one thing to avoid, it's smoking on a flat-top grill. It would be best if you tried not to use these grills for smoking your food. In case you experience some smoke, you should try and minimize them. 

What types of food can you cook on flat grills?

Apart from smoking and barbecue, you can pretty much cook any dish on the flat top grill, such as;

  • Steak 

  • Shrimps 

  • Burgers 

  • Chicken 

  • Fajitas 

  • Vegetables


PIT BOSS PB336GS Two Burner Portable Flat Top Griddle - Cover Included
  • Pit Boss 336GS Tabletop Gas Griddle with cover included
  • 289 sq in cooking area
  • 3 mm thick griddle surface pre-seasoned with organic oil
  • Two independently controlled 9,000 btu stainless steel burners

Up next, we have this fantastic grill by PIT BOSS. This grill comes with two burners, just like the one in your kitchen, making you feel comfortable as you cook outdoors. You can cook anything from scrambled eggs, fajitas, steaks, pancakes, etc. So you can now take your recipes from the kitchen to the backyard or campsite and enjoy your favorite meals. You can carry a small propane tank, and that's about it.

Here is another thing to consider. You can use this grill even in your kitchen. So it's a two-in-one grill as well that takes care of all the cooking and grilling needs.


  • Cast iron griddle
  • Mess-free cooking


  • Not suitable for windy locations
  • The outer layer of paint does not last long.

Royal Gourmet PD1202R Portable Table Top Propane Gas Grill Griddle, 12,000-BTU, for Outdoor Cooking While Camping or Tailgating, 18-Inch, Red, 1-Burner Grill
  • 12,000-BTU FAST AND EVEN HEATING: Start cooking instantly with just the...
  • NO FUSSY CLEANUP: Removable, slide-out stainless-steel grease tray collects...
  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT: Portable and easy to store. With sturdy feet for...

This propane gas grill griddle by Royal Gourmet is another thing of beauty. It looks sleek with porcelain enabled top and a small knob on the right to control the heat. Cooking on a grill has never been easier. With the simple push of a button, the Integrated Piezo Igniter lights it up instantly, and you can start cooking right away. It heats up fast, and the temperature gets distributed evenly. 

Reliable, portable and affordable is what this grill stands for, so make sure you check them out!


  • Stainless steel grease tray
  • Detachable griddle top for easy cleaning


  • The igniter can have issues.
  • It may not be suitable for cooking thick steaks.

Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor 2 Burner Portable LP Propane Gas Grill Griddle w/ Top Cover Lid, Wheels, & Shelf for BBQ Cooking, Black (Steel)
  • BACKYARD GRILLING MACHINE: Outdoor 25-inch griddle made with dual burners...
  • EFFICIENT CYLINDER HOOKUP: Works with a 1-pound cylinder, but also a...
  • EASY ACCESS GREASE MANAGEMENT: Front access grease management system and...
  • PORTABLE, ON-THE-GO DESIGN: Unique mobile cart design makes it easy to fold...

Unlike the other grills, this one comes with an adjustable stand. It looks fantastic and is the perfect size for camping outdoors. The 25-inch griddle comes with two burners, so you get even spread of the heat for the optimum cooking experience. It also takes care of all the grease drippings with a concealed cup so cleaning this beauty requires no sweat.

If you want an on-the-go portable grill, then look no further because this is perfect!


  • Steel lid and versatile construction
  • Two-wheel folding design


  • It needs a lock in the collapsible position.
  • Propane tank holder not suitable for heaver tanks

  • Griddle with stand and adaptor hose by Blackstone

  • Up next, we have this sleek and gorgeous looking grill by Blackstone. The best thing about this grill is you get a separate stand, so you have options to use it or put the grill on the table. 

    If you want hassle-free cooking, this is a perfect choice. The dual 'H' burner produces enough heat quickly so that you can start cooking in no time.  


    • Easy grease management system for cleaning
    • Comes with bulk adaptor hose for 1-lb or 20-lb tank


    • Customer support issues are a concern for many.
    • Folding the stand may not be the easiest.

  • Flat top grill 600 by Camp Chef

  • Finally, we have the Flat Top Trill 600 on the list. If there’s one thing this thing does better than other grills, it's 'feed people fast.' You will be surprised at how fast this grill works. 

    The biggest highlight is the flat cooking surface, resulting in an even distribution of the burner's heat. It has a large griddle for distributing the heat and versatile enough to cook anything from pancakes, bacon, vegetables, boil water, etc. 

    It is no exaggeration to call it one of the best in the market because of its versatility. It should take care of all your grilling needs.


    • Stainless steel burners
    • Grease tray and adjustable legs


    • Some users experience uneven heat from the burners.
    • Smooth grease flow may require maintenance.