6 Best Kamado Smokers You Can Buy Online

Smokers and grillers come in different shapes, kinds and sizes. Each different variety comes with unique cooking benefits. One particular type of smoker that was useful to our grilling predecessors, and even to this day, are kamado smokers. 

Traditional kamado smokers were characterized by an “urn” or egg-like shape that was made with clay or ceramic. The shape resembled tandoors, whose construction and large shape allowed for different cooking benefits.

The fuel that is used for kamado smokers are not pre-soaked charcoal or wood, truly infusing the meat with a smoky flavor that is not from the lighter fluid that is used in other types of smokers. 

The construction of kamado grills and the usage of lump coal also allows for a stable cooking temperature that can reach up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. 

With all these cooking benefits, we have selected the 6 best kamado smokers that you can get your hands on online. 

How we made our choices

Each kamado smoker within this list is highly recommended and has received excellent feedback from previous customers. 

We take into consideration the quality of the construction, the features and the accessories of each grill while choosing. 

In our list, you will find a variety of grills and price ranges to fit every pit-masters budget and needs.

Pit Boss Grills Kamado BBQ 22-inch Ceramic Grill Cooker

See the current price on Pit Boss – $$


Pit Boss Grills is an Arizona-based manufacturer of grills and grilling equipment under Dansons, Inc. it is well-known for their high-quality, durable and family-style approach to their grills and grilling products. 

This Kamado-style, 22-inch ceramic grill cooker is highly recommended by other grill websites, as well as the previous customers. 

This is a heavy-duty, world-class Kamado style grill that offers versatility and gives an authentic, smokey charcoal flavor to your meat. 

It is an extremely spacious cooking grill at 22 inches in diameter that makes it possible to grill large batches in a short amount of time, or grill multiple cuts or significant cuts of meat all at once. 

There are top and bottom dampers that allow for easy temperature control. 

Moreover, it is made to be extremely durable and heavy-duty, made of ceramic and coated with a glossy black finish and steel trimmings. It can reach as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can give your meat and food a sweet and crispy outer char. 

In terms of efficiency, the ample space accommodates for large batches, but there is also a 2-tier cooking system with premium quality steel grates that allows you to cook on the two-grates at the same time. 

The edges are covered in fireproof felt trim, and the lid has a shock absorber so that it is protected. In the case that it is dropped to the floor, it will not break. 

There are also solid bamboo shelves that can work as your storage for other grilling equipment and essentials. They fold down to allow compact and easy storage. 

Previous customers have given feedback that this is a handy and amazing grill that has changed the way they eat. Most consider this to be a good purchase that they should have done years ago. 

Char-Griller AKORN in Graphite Kamado Grill

See the current price on Amazon – $$

This kamado grill in graphite by Char-Griller is highly recommended by kamado grill websites and previous customers alike. 

It is incredibly versatile and easy to use with a no-ignition type ignition system and two side handles that make this kamado grill easy for on-the-go grilling occasions. 

It is also a very user-friendly grill that 314 square inches of cast-iron cooking grates for larger batches and more significant cuts of meat. This is an ample cast iron grill space that can accommodate your large family’s food needs. 

Moreover, there are top and bottom easily adjustable dampers that make temperature control easy. The triple-walled construction of the Char-Griller kamado grill is also efficient in retaining heat and keeping it steady at 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The heating system of this kamado grill is perfect for high heat searing or slow cooking your favorite meat cuts. 

This kamado grill is made of ceramic and is built to last for a very long time. It will undoubtedly serve as a wise and satisfactory investment. 

There is a pull-out ash pan that can be dumped out for an easy, on the go cleaning, unlike other less convenient kamado grills. The body of this kamado grill is supported by short and sturdy legs that prevent tailgating and keeps your grilling safe and secure. 

Char-Griller is a famous, professional company that manufactures the best grills and grilling accessories in the market. They offer a wide range of grills and smokers, from traditional, double-fueled, gas-powered, pellet grills, and kamado-style ones. 

The portability and versatility of this kamado grill, it is undoubtedly the best—especially when cooking in the outdoors, away from the comforts of your backyard. 

The reviews from past customers are mostly positive, with most of them remarking on the efficiency and versatility of this kamado smoker. Other frequent reviews highlight the easy to clean feature and durability of the ceramic. 

Kamado Joe Classic II, 18-inch Kamado Grill in Blaze Red

See the current price on Amazon – $$$

With a large number of positive feedback, high ratings, and many recommendations, this Kamado Joe grill will certainly revolutionize your grilling experience.

There is a 2-tier Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking system that will transform this grill into a cooking tool that allows different kinds and techniques of cooking all at once. 

The 18-inch ceramic grill and cast iron cart are large and spacious, perfect for large family BBQs, and different choices of meat that can be cooked all at the same time. 

This kamado grill is also highly advanced in terms of its efficiency. There is a “Kontrol Top Tower Vent” feature that allows the precise entry of air for accurate and smooth temperature control. The dual-adjustment top is also highly durable as it is designed to be rain and mold-resistant. This mechanism will allow you to slow smoke at 225 degrees Fahrenheit and high sear at 750 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The durability applies to the whole kamado grill as well. The Advance Multi-panel six-piece design ensures that your ceramic Kamado Joe grill will not fall into breakage. 

The Classic II set is the most popular among the Kamado Joe Classics and applies a better standard to grilling quality and innovation. 

Kamado Joe is a famous brand that offers different kinds of kamado grills and their accessories. It prides itself in continuous innovation that develops from their long line of kamado grills and the feedback that they have received over the years. 

For this particular Kamado Joe grill, customers are incredibly pleased with the high-quality construction and easy usage that is superior to other, more expensive kamado grills. Others have also made direct comparisons that have favored the Kamado Joe grill over the others. 

Char-Griller AKORN Jr. Kamado Grill in Black 

See the current price on Amazon – $

This is the junior, smaller, more compact and more portable of the Char-Griller AKORN Kamado Grill. Similar to its bigger version, the smaller version does not disappoint and truly serves its purpose as a budget-friendly, more compact kamado grill. It has been met with positive reviews and highly recommended by other BBQ grill websites. 

It has a 153-inch cast iron cooking space, and the insulated design ensures that the heat is kept within the grilling system. It prevents airflow from creating juicy and delicious meat. The design is also made to lessen the usage of charcoal while grilling. 

It can maintain heat from 220 degrees Fahrenheit to 700 degrees Fahrenheit that makes it possible to smoke and sear, depending on your cut of meat or preference. You can also accurately have a read of the internal temperature with built-in heat gauges. 

It is also highly durable as the main body is made of 22 gauge steel with an exterior powder, while the interior steel is coated with porcelain. Your Char-Griller Kamado Jr grill is built to last you a long time. 

There are two adjustable top and bottom dampers for precise and easy temperature control, and to ensure that your meat is cooked according to the temperature instructions. 

While being highly efficient and extremely durable, it is also made to be easy to clean with a stainless steel ash pan that you can easily dump out for quick cleaning. 

In terms of differences with its bigger brother, the Char-Griller Kamado Jr grill is at the same quality and construction. The only difference comes with the sizes. While the bigger one is 314 square inches, this one is only 153 square inches. 

Reviews are all positive, with everyone being satisfied with its compact performance, which is on par with its bigger counterpart. 

Kamado Joe Classic II Stand-Alone Grill in Blaze Red

See the current price on Amazon – $$$

This is the stand-alone version of the other Kamado Joe Classic II kamado grills. Like all kamado grills that are released by Kamado Joe, this one is also made high-quality and is met by positive reviews and recommendations by others. 

The Breakthrough Air Lift Hinge reduces the weight of the done by up to 96%. This makes it so that the lid is easy to open, and you can even use just one finger to lift it. 

There is also a Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System that allows a multilevel cooking space that will allow you to cook different kinds of food with different techniques at the same time. 

The control tower top vent is rain-proof, no-rust and is made of all-aluminum. It is a patented design. This makes it easy to maintain a consistent airflow within the internal grilling system so that you can properly and precisely control the airflow depending on your temperature needs. 

The rim of this stand-alone kamado grill is lined with an all-new, and double-thick fiberglass gasket to ensure that you have an airtight seal that will prevent heat from escaping, from properly maintaining a consistent internal temperature. 

It is made to be highly durable, with the new advanced multipanel with a six-piece design. Also, all kamado grills from the Classic II set are thick-walled and heat resistant so that the whole ceramic body can lock in the smoke and heat for maximum flavor. The cooking surface is made of commercial-grade 304 stainless steel.

Previous customers are satisfied with their Kamado Joe stand alone grill and have even remarked on how good the grills are at high-temperature cooking. Expect the same experience.

Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker Combo With Grill Cover and Cooking Stone in Graphite

See the current price on Amazon – $

This is another kamado grill from Char-Griller that doubles as a Kooker grill and a smoker. Like all kamado grills from Char-Griller, this is also highly recommended with the right amount of positive reviews. 

This versatile kamado grill can also be turned into a smoker depending on your preferences. It is triple-walled with a 22 gauge steel. The construction is topnotch and is designed to keep the internal temperature constant within 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This kamado grill and smoker combo come with various accessories. There is a grill cover that is made with weather-resistant PVC vinyl that will ensure that your kamado grill and smoker combo set is safe from the elements when it is not in use. There is also a smokin’ stone that will allow you to use your kamado grill and smoker combo set as a convection oven. This stone can be used for pizza or smoking your meat so that it becomes moist and tender. 

Like the other kamado grills from Char-Griller’s AKORN line, this is also made to be versatile and easy to use. There are two adjustable dampers (top and bottom) so that you can easily adjust the airflow and control the temperature. There is a dump out ash pan for easy and convenient cleaning. There are also convenient folding side shelves that can serve as a tool rack while you are grilling. 

A lot of customers are satisfied with their Char-Griller kamado grills and smoker sets, remarking on the excellent construction and versatile design that is a total bang for the buck. 

These were the 6 best kamado smokers that you can buy online, from kamado grills and smokers sets to stand alone smokers. 

What to look for when buying kamado smokers

While kamado smokers are generally remarkably beneficial and useful, there are still some things that you should keep in mind when you go shopping for them. Here are some tips to remember when making your decision:

Consider the material

The standard material of the Kamado smokers is ceramic. Ceramic is durable and rust-resistant. It is also an excellent material when it comes to keeping temperatures stable. However, the main drawback is that ceramic is quite fragile and bulky. If you are planning on moving your griller to picnics and other locations, you might want to consider kamado smokers that are made of lighter materials such as metal. 

Buy smokers with good-quality built-in temperature gauges.

Temperature gauges are handy and essential in getting an accurate read on the internal temperature of the grilling system. It’s critical to have a high-quality built-in temperature gauge with your kamado smoker so that your meat will cook to perfection at the right temperatures. 

The quality 

Grills and smokers are meant to last you a lifetime. They are an investment that you shouldn’t cut corners for. That’s why it’s essential to buy a high-quality, well-constructed kamado smoker. Also, the thicker the walls of your kamado smoker body, the better it will be able to retain a consistent internal temperature and the lesser the fuel that it needs. This particular highlight in the design is made for durability and efficiency. 

The size 

Kamado grills come in different sizes, with some that have 22-inch, 18-inch, and 14-inch diameters. There are also small, mini versions that are meant to be more portable than their bigger counterparts. The smaller ones are ideal for grilling in remote locations, like camping or picnicking. The size is determined by what you are planning to use the kamado grill, if it’s for large family outings, make sure to buy smokers that have ample cooking space. Also, consider the meat cuts that you foresee yourself to be grilling in this smoker in the future. 

Consider the cleaning regime.

Some older, less advanced kamado grills still don’t employ the wonders of a pull-out ash pan that can be dumped for fast and easy cleaning. Earlier generations of kamado grills are still old-fashioned, wherein, you need to disassemble to clean the grill properly. 

Check the accessories

When buying your kamado grill, take into consideration the accessories that come with it that are associated with the price. Is there a grill cover for protection? Is there a rack that can hold your grilling tools? Is there a stone that can be used in conjunction with your main kamado grill? 


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