Pit Boss 77232 Review


Electric smokers tend to function similarly to your regular oven. They draw their source of power from electricity. Its heating element is present inside a box with proper insulation. Since there is no fire, you’ll have to use wood chips to get that smoky flavor.

You can place the wood chips on a tray that’s right above its heating element. Its close contact with heat smolders and also releases a fragrance that injects in your meat.

Yes, even though they’re quite similar to your regular ovens, these smokers are meant for outdoor usage.

Pit Boss 77232 Review

Here, you’ll need to have proper power access in your patio to run the smoker. If you own a portable model, you can always connect it to your inverter’s battery or car to cook the goodies. When it comes to the results, you can expect the same top-tier performance level you get from using real flames in smokers. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Pit Boss 77232 Electric Smoker for you. You can analyze and study the review to have a better insight into what you’re aiming for.

Why You Should Get an Electric Smoker

First, an electric smoker is perfect for beginners. Its user-friendly nature helps users have easy control over the equipment. If you’re already aware of using a regular oven, then an electric smoker will be just as simple. You can also set your desired length and temperature for smoking. Also, electric smokers are more affordable compared to other smokers. When I say it’s affordable, I’m again referring to its long-term value. With electric smokers, you’ll also receive multiple food racks.

You can also smoke over eight racks of ribs, four pork butts, and up to six chickens in just one go. I can quickly go on a whole trance about all the delicious food that I can cook in big batches, but I’ll stop here. It’s also easy to operate and in areas where there is a fire ban. Cold smoking foods like cheese, bacon, etc., is also super easy. You can also expect to prepare meat logs, sausages, dried meats, desserts, fish, and loaves.

Pit Boss 77232 Specifications

  • Smoker Type – Vertical
  • Smoker and Grill – No
  • Fuel Type – Electric
  • Main Grilling Area – 760 Square Inches
  • Total Grilling Area – 760 Square Inches
  • Width – 20.2”
  • Depth – 20.8”
  • Height – 47.3”
  • Cooking Grid Dimensions – 14 ¾ x 11 5/8
  • Size – Small (0-26)
  • Weight – 55 Lbs
  • Maximum Food Capacity – 40 Lbs
  • Max Temperature – 400F
  • Lowest Smoking Temperature – 100F
  • Number of Racks – 4
  • Primary Colour – Silver
  • Configuration – Free Standing
  • Exterior Material – Painted Steel
  • Water Smoker – Yes
  • Thermometer – Digital
  • WiFi/Bluetooth Enabled – None

Pit Boss 77232 Review

Pit Boss Grills 77232 Digital Vertical Electric Wood Smoker, 3.2: Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors

The Pit Boss 77232 comes equipped with user-friendly and innovative features that will help you smoke like a professional in no time. You can smoke low and slow or even crank up the heating level from 150⁰-400⁰F, along with a digital control panel and an electric element of 1650 Watts. You can use the digital control panel for setting precise cooking times and temperatures. It also features a readout display where you can see the settings information at a single glance.

It also shows the internal temperatures and the readouts for about two wired meat probes. Here, it includes one meat probe. The smoker’s digital controller also has a smoke button for manually turning on the heating element during the addition of wood chips. It’s also for increasing the smoke output before the door opens. There are two damper valves present on the smoker’s top that are perfectly adjustable. These damper valves help offer better control over the airflow and temperature.

The steel cabinet is cold rolled and double-walled with a high-heat coating and a stunning silver finishing. It also provides a cooking space of over 760 square inches. You’ll also receive four cooking racks with porcelain coatings that are fully adjustable. There is also a latch that seals the smoker’s door securely, along with a big viewing window. This window has an external heat indicator that helps you in keeping an eye on your stuff. You don’t have to sacrifice the smoke and heat by opening the seal.

A feature I love most about this electric smoker is the oversized loading tray present at the front. The tray easily slides to the front for loading all your wood chips, where you get to have two hours of cooking time for every load. You’ll also find a removable mounted water pan just near the cabinet’s base. It’s nice to have this feature because you can quickly fill it with your marinade to add more flavor. Plus, your food will stay tender all the time.

The smoker also features a grease tray for collecting all the drippings present on the bottom. It’ll be easy for you to slide it out and clean-up. I would advise you to keep track of the internal temperatures with the meat probe while cooking. Conveniently stow it away in a control panel set. You’ll also receive other items such as two rear locking swivel casters, two front swivel casters, and a handle. These features enable portability and easier placement.

In a Nutshell

  • External heat indicator and a large window for monitoring food without having to open the door.
  • Two damper valves and a digital control panel that helps maintain precise smoking temperatures.
  • Front oversized loading tray for wood chips that offers up to a good two hours of cooking time.
  • Double-walled and cold rolled steel cabinet that has a beautiful silver finishing and high-heat coating.

Electric smokers are super convenient and advanced, especially when it comes to digital competition. You can easily set this smoker up in your backyard and start whipping up patties for your burger. Its versatile nature helps you cook just about everything, provided you have all the materials here.

The Pit Boss 77232 Electric Smoker is a promising model, and I find this cooking equipment to be on the safer side. Yes, the choices may differ, but its features do pack a punch in executing practical cooking. Its main advantage would be its ability to cater to both lightweight and heavy-duty users.