Best Traeger Grill Reviews: Should you buy in 2022?

There is no better name in the world of outdoor cooking than Traeger. Their pellet grills were the first of their kind.

They are one of the best-selling brands; they have been recognized for their high build quality and reliability. With the introduction of the WiFIRE app controller, the brand was able to change the game. With it, you can check pellet levels, control temperature, and download recipes right from your phone. Smart, right?

In this Traeger review, we will take a look at some of the products that Traeger offers and try to answer a few basic questions: 

  • How to choose the best Traeger grill?

  • Are Traeger grills worth the money?

  • What are the advantages of Traeger grills?

  • Can you grill burgers on a Traeger?

  • How to clean a Traeger Grill

Best Traeger Grill Reviews Should you buy in 2022

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Built with high-quality materials
  • 780 square inch cooking surface
  • Slanted grease drip tray
  • Two-tiered grilling space
  • Easy to use electronic controller
  • All-terrain wheel for easy mobility

Our top pick is the Pro 780, which works great for both smoking and searing or grilling.

This Traeger pellet grill is our best pick because it combines everything great about a smoker with a standard grill’s functionality.

First off, it uses WiFIRE® technology to give you control over your grill from the Traeger app on your smartphone. However, this is more than just an electric grill. It features an 18-pound pellet hopper that creates flavorful natural wood smoke.

The Pro 780 also features an in-built meat probe making it convenient to check on your food without lifting the lid.

If you’re looking for quality smoked meats in your backyard, the Traeger Pro 780 is all you truly need.

How to choose the best Traeger grill?

Grills and smokers are indispensable appliances for people who love outdoor activities. And it is well established that Traeger is a very well-known name in the game. 

However, choosing the best Traeger grill for yourself can be very confusing. That’s because they offer a lot of different models in different versions.

Here’s a quick look at the Traeger pellet grill lineup to make things easier:

Pro series

The Traeger Pro is the most popular mid-range series that Traeger offers. It now includes Wi-Fi connectivity to the Traeger app for all models made after 2019.


Ironwood Series 

This series has larger sizes and new technologies called TRU convection and DownDraft Exhaust to make the most cook times. It also features a Super Smoke option that can increase smoke production with just a button’s push.

Timberline series

Timberline is the most expensive Traeger and offers cooking spaces of between 850 and 1300 square inches. In addition to other standard features, it also includes pellet sensor technology that allows you to check your pellet levels on the Traeger app.


The tailgater is a portable model. It offers a lot less tech but has all the necessary conveniences for taking it on the go.

Watch this video if you want to know more about the different Traeger products.

Are Traeger grills worth the money?

Buying a Traeger grill is a substantial financial investment. While Traeger makes brilliant grills with advanced technology, other companies offer similar grills at a lesser price. 

Having said that, the question of whether Traeger is worth the money depends on your needs and preferences. Here are a few details that you should consider before you take the leap and make the investment.

  1. Traeger grills offer sizes that range from 300 – 1300 square inches. Narrow down your search by figuring out which size works best for the space you have. Eventually, it will all depend on your personal preference. However, we would recommend choosing a grill that is slightly larger than you think you’ll need.

  2. Think about the technology that comes with the unit. Ask questions like: Do I want to control my grill from my smartphone? Do I want a portable, lightweight grill? Will I be able to sear on this grill?

  3. Remember that everything in points 1 and 2 contributes to the price. The bigger the grill, the deeper you dig into your pocket—ditto with the technology. A starting budget of $400 will get you a durable and efficient grill. From there, you can go up to $2000 if you want the latest loaded Traeger.

What are the advantages of Traeger grills?

First off, the fuel! Almost all grills that use propane, gas, or charcoal require you to keep a constant check on the grill.

However, Traeger grills utilize all-natural wood pellets that burn within a controlled system. Traeger’s wood pellets are FDA approved and come in varieties that can be further customized by blending. 

About Traeger

Joe Traeger developed the Traeger pellet grill in 1985 and patented it in 1986. ... As a result of its patent, Traeger was the only manufacturer of pellet grills for twenty years. During that time, the company remained a small family-run business that distributed its pellet grills to a limited network of stores.

Can you grill burgers on a Traeger?

By all accounts, Traeger grills are versatile. Whether you want to grill some burgers, smoked meats, or bake rustic tasting pies or roast some Brussel sprouts, it does it all. Traeger’s versatility comes from efficient temperature control. It’s a cooking appliance you can trust.

Traeger’s air induction system efficiently circulates heat around the food. Even temperatures are maintained, and you won’t have to keep moving your food, searching for the sweet spot. 

Moreover, all Traeger grills come equipped with angled grease trays that make them very convenient to clean. This grease management system prevents flare-ups that lead to ruined food, inconsistent cooking temperatures, and grill damage.

How to clean a Traeger Grill

There are two main areas in any grill that need to be cleaned routinely if you want to improve its shelflife and performance.

First, pay attention to the deflector plate where grease and soot from the grease drippings accumulate. To get rid of the grease build-up, remove the deflector plate and clean them with hot water and a brush. We recommended that you use gloves while doing so.

Next is the burn pot. Although the wood pellets burn entirely, there is always a chance that some amount of ash will accumulate. So, take a peek at the bottom of the unit for any ash build-up and use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out.

Watch this video for some great tips on how to clean your Traeger grill.

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