Best Smoker Bag Reviews in 2022

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11 Secret BBQ Tricks From Grill Masters

How do you smoke your food without a smoker or griller? With smoker bags, if you haven’t heard of them, they are aluminum foil insulated bags.

We will give our detailed best smoker bag review and cover the topic in full.

  • How do you use a smoker bag?

  • How do you make a smoker bag? 

  • What food can you smoke in a smoker bag?

Best smoker bag review

Best smoker bag review

These are out top smoker bags to get your food to taste just like its came out of a smoker. There perfect for seasoning and flavoring on the fly.

  1. Camerons smoker bags (best pick)
  2. Mesquite smoker bags 
  3. The smokist smoking pouch 
  4. Savu smoker bag
  5. Kingsford Grilling aluminum bags

Best pick: Camerons smoker bags

Camerons Smoker Bags - Set of 6 X Large Hickory Smoking Bags for Indoor or Outdoor Use - Easily Infuse Natural Wood Flavor (11in x 19in) Holds Entire Meal
  • Hickory flavor is great for that true BBQ taste.
  • 6 wood-chip bags for infusing food with smoky flavor
  • Wood-chip flavoring pre-sealed inside; releases smoke as it cooks
  • Works with an oven, grill, campfire, or other heat source - Easy to use; no...

After a thorough test-and-review session, our top pick for a smoker bag is the Camerons smoker bag.


Because it brings fantastic results, working effectively well for both indoors (stovetop) or outdoors (campfires).

Camerons have been in the business for over 25 years, bringing in great innovative forms of smoke cooking mediums for those without standard grillers.

Camerons smoker bags come loaded with the right proportion of flavored wooden chips, placed between two layers of the aluminum foil. 

Besides, using it is effortless – just open, fill the bag, seal and cook it, and it is ready to serve in a few minutes. 

If a straightforward infusion of smoky flavor for your meat and fish is your thing – get your smoking bags by Cameron now in 6 different wood flavors.

How do you use a smoker bag?

Grilling needs mastery over control of temperature, knowledge about the combination of food and flavored wood chips. However, using a smoker bag is as easy as ABC.

Smoker bags are generally three-layered foil bags. Inside the bottom layer of the bag is flavored wooden chips placed between the layers of aluminum foil. Natural wooden syrup keeps the chips in place. 

The middle layer is where your choice of fish/meat/chicken goes inside. Finally, the third layer expands upon heating and helps protect the smoke from escaping outside during the cooking process.

There is no pre-preparation required for the smoking bags. The only prior preparation would be for marinating your food/meat before placing them in the bags. Pre-heat your indoor oven to about 470˚F to 500˚F.

Now place your marinated food inside the smoker bag, placed in the oven or outdoor charcoal grill, and cook for about 10-20 minutes, depending on the recipe. The heat makes the wood smoke up, which eventually permeated the food inside the bag.

How do you make a smoker bag? 

If you want to step up your food recipe game, smoking food is a great option. The problem could arise if you do not have a smoker or smoker bags.

The good news is, you can make your smoker bags all by yourself and use them on your gas grills, oven, and charcoal grills. 

It is a simple setup. Take a heavy-duty aluminum foil large enough it accommodate a handful of your preferred wooden chips. Place the wood chips on the foil and fold them in half. Then fold the edges, making it resemble a pillow-like pouch. Punch or poke a few holes on the foil for the smoke to pass upon heating the wood chips.

As simple as that, you have your DIY smoker bag, and you can toss it in the grill top anytime you want to smoke your food.

What food can you smoke in a smoker bag?

The permeation of smoke into food enhances and creates a delectable eating experience. Incorporating that into your food is now more accessible and possible indoors with smoker bags.

You can smoke any kind and type of food – poultry, fish, vegetables, cheese, ribs, etc. If your grill pan is big enough, you can also smoke a whole chicken.

A few tips will make your smoker bag smoking almost at par with the traditional smoking on a grill. 

  • Smaller-sized meat pieces allow for the perfect infusion of the smoky flavor.
  • When smoking in a smoker bag on a countertop, it is best to keep the temperature low and smoke for a longer duration.
  • While using a charcoal or gas grill, it is best to pre-heat for about 20 minutes and cook it for about 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the meat.

Reviews of our picks for smoker bags

Mesquite smoker bags

Mesquite Smoker Bag- X Large Smoking Bag for Indoor or Outdoor Use- Easily Infuse Natural Wood Flavor - Holds Entire Meal
  • Mesquite wood chips for a flavor of the southwest; use with poultry, meats...
  • Wood-chip bag for infusing food with smoky flavor
  • Wood-chip flavoring pre-sealed inside; releases smoke as it cooks
  • Works with an oven, grill, campfire, or other heat source

These products have pre-packed mesquite wood chips filled in the smoker bags. The mesquite wood on burning imparts a rich and robust flavor, with a characteristic earthy taste.

With its distinct southwest flavor appeal, it best smokes pork, beef chicken, and peppers.

You can toss them into an essential grill pan on a stovetop, in a countertop oven, or a charcoal grill. It is easy to use and is mess-free. 


  • Intense smokey flavor.
  • Perfect size dimensions.


  • It is in the expensive price range.

The smokist smoking pouch

The Smokist Smoking Pouch for Grill | Infuse Smoke into Grilled Food on Any BBQ | Stainless Steel Mesh Grill Bag | Made in The USA
  • The Smokist Smoking Pouch is a dishwasher safe mesh grilling bag that...
  • Made from 304 stainless steel fine mesh and is reusable, durable, provides...
  • Limits airflow into the pouch so that the wood smolders quickly and creates...
  • Perfectly infuse clean, smoked flavor into any BBQ food, such as meats,...

When it comes to a smoking pouch for a grill, this is our favorite as it has a stainless steel mesh, which is re-usable. 

The smokist’s smoking pouch uses high-grade 304 stainless steel fine mesh. The mesh limits the rate of smoke flow into the bag, which eventually results in the slow smoldering of the wood. It also makes the smoke infuse steadily and makes it last longer.

There is an almost perfect permeation of smokey flavor to vegetables, meat, fish, and poultry, using this smoker pouch. It works for both hot and cold smoking. 


  • Durable and re-usable
  • Clean white smoke, with efficient steady burning.


  • It works best only on a charcoal grill.

Savu smoker bag

Smoker Bag for Oven/Grill, the Original, in Alder(2) and Hickory(2), 4 Pack
  • Available individually, in set of 3 or a mixed pack. Recommended by Cook's...
  • Natural wood chips -- in the bag -- create real smoked flavor in minutes!
  • Smoke food right in your oven or on the grill!
  • Complete meals in one bag - fish, poultry or meat and potatoes and veggies....

This patented all-natural contents in the smoker bag are our most loved smoker bag for outdoor BBQ, camping, and picnics.

Savu’s smoker bags come in two flavors – hickory and alder wood chips. Hickory wood smoker bags work best for meat items, while alder best complements fish and vegetables.

It is quick and an easy way of smoking food, and it is free from any chemicals or glue. 


  • Perfect sized bag to accommodate veggies and meat.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Have to place the pouch very close to the fire source.

Kingsford Grilling aluminum bags

Kingsford Heavy Duty Aluminum Grill Bags, 4 Pack | Foil Packets for Grilling, Recyclable And Disposable Grilling Accessories | Foil Bag Measures 15.5" x 10" | Foil Grilling Bag, Grilling Bags
  • COOK, STEAM, OR SMOKE - Kingsford high quality aluminum grill bags can be...
  • EASY TO USE - Kingsford grill bags are easy to use. Just arrange the food...
  • IDEAL FOR CAMPING AND TAILGATING - Heavy duty grill bags are great for...
  • BAG DIMENSIONS - Each pack of grill bags contains 4 aluminum bags. Each...

You could be out for an outdoor outing when you suddenly crave smoked food. Just pack a packet of Kingsford grilling aluminum bags, and you are good to go.

These grilling bags use extra rigid aluminum material for grilling purposes. It is also highly portable – you can assemble and arrange the meals ahead of time, then seal them and take them to your campsite.

It can also withstand high temperatures, and therefore, it is ideal for smoking, grilling, steaming, and baking. The size dimensions are also big enough to accommodate a meal for a small group.


  • Extra durable and robust aluminum pouch.
  • Portable and easy to use.


  • Have to add the wood chips manually.