IKEA Charcoal Grill Review

IKEA always has some of the best furniture, kitchenware, and household items in store. This multinational conglomerate is still releasing the biggest collection of items before every season, and now it’s back with some of the best charcoal grills for BBQ lovers.

You need a grill that offers a top-tier grilling performance without any compromises. Here, I’ll be compiling some of the best IKEA charcoal grill equipment for you.

IKEA Charcoal Grill Review

Top IKEA Charcoal Grillers

  • Full-Size Charcoal Grill

The Full-Size Charcoal Grill has a sleek appearance and is extremely affordable. It features steel tables and waterproof pillows that come in quite handy at all times. Its steel body construction makes it super durable and long-lasting. You’ll also receive an apron for cooking all your favorite meals accompanied by some vibrant porch accessories.

This product is from the summer 2019 collection, which is a hit among many barbecue lovers. Out of all the grills on the list, I own this model. I specifically picked this model because of its full-size grill design. It allows me to cook in larger capacities or do multiple batches at the same time. This charcoal grill spans a good 300 square-inch.

Another feature that I adore about this charcoal grill is its rustproof nature. It also comes with stainless steel grates and airflow regulators present on both the hood and front. There is also a super useful pull-out ash catching contraption and a temperature gauge. Its intuitive nature will help you keep proper track of your food and prevent overcooking.

  • APPLARO/KLASEN Charcoal Grill

The APPLARO/KLASEN Charcoal Grill is best-suited for people that love the smokey taste and aroma in their meat. It features a brown stained-type of appearance, which complements your backyard and sets the mood. Plus, you can always incorporate carts to the grill from a similar series for increasing the storage space. The grill also has a built-in thermometer present on the hood, which will allow you to keep tabs on the temperature and heat.

It stands out mostly because of its anti-corrosive nature. Also, durable body construction isn’t prone to any breakages. And to top it all off, it comes with a removable ashtray, which makes cleaning so much easier for you. This grill is all about easy use with low maintenance.

  • KLASEN Charcoal Grill with Cart

Grilling, in general, requires a lot of accessories and measures. It calls for a proper storage area for the accessories, and you receive just that with this model. The KLASEN charcoal comes with an integrated cart for setting up your food joint. The cart has a stainless-steel body via which you can keep the utensils and serve great food. Its shelf also consists of stainless-steel material that sports a durable design. Also, it's easy cleaning properties is a bonus point, especially for people like me that hate doing the dishes.

With this model, you will also have increased control with the built-in thermometer over issues such as overheating and burning your food. This charcoal grill is also rust-resistant, and its durable body can stand the test of time. You can regulate the airflow and temperature via the stainless-steel vents present on the hood and at the front.

  • APPLARO/KLASEN Charcoal Grill with Cart

The APPLARO/KLASEN Charcoal Grill with Cart features brown stained hues, giving it a stylish look. The cart design provides ample space for storing utensils, and food preparation won’t be a problem with this grill. I highly advise you to avoid using sharp knives or objects on this grill. Also, the built-in thermometer will allow you to have full control over the heat and temperature.

You can also easily regulate the temperature via the airflow vents present on both the hood and front. Its cooking grates consists of stainless-steel material that provides a seamless BBQ experience all the time without breaking. This charcoal grill is fitting for outdoor use only.

  • KLASEN Charcoal Grill

The KLASEN Charcoal is all about meeting the needs of traditional flavor. It comes equipped with a built-in thermometer that offers the optimal distribution of temperature. Plus, you also get to keep a close eye on the grill’s temperature control. The ashtray of the grill is fully removable, which makes cleaning so much easier. There is also proper airflow optimization through the vents attached to both the grill’s front and hood.

The stainless-steel base shelf does an excellent job offering ample storage space for storing all your BBQ accessories. One of its best features would include the heat-resistant handles that provide added safety. Plus, the grates are incredibly durable, so there are no chances of breakage anytime soon.

  • APPLARO/KLASEN Charcoal with Cart and Cabinet

The APPLARO/KLASEN Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill with Cabinet is exceptionally well-rounded and convenient for large social gatherings. Its large cabinet helps store a ton of utensils and ingredients for the party. You’ll also notice a separate prepping area that enables you to serve food efficiently. The grilling temperature is easily optimized with the help of the air vents available at the front and the hood.

The stainless-steel grates are highly rust-resistant, offering outstanding durability. This grill also features easy cleaning properties with a removable ashtray. Plus, the acrylic stains present on the grill gives it a sleek and stylish look.

You can keep an eye on your heating temperature with the help of the built-in thermometer. You can also say goodbye to the messy aftermath because cleaning is a breeze with this removable ashtray. You can expect the cooking grates to be fully corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

Grilling is a fun and interactive cooking activity that helps whip up some delicious food for just any occasion. The majority of the charcoal smokers present in the list possess similar features and are all high-performing. You can use any one of them and expect a seamless grilling experience. But you can also try something new and go for the  Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill and enjoy your meat. Assess them and pick the one that boils down to your liking and convenience.

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