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Best Wood for Smoking Lamb

When it comes to smoking lamb, choosing the right type of wood is significantly crucial. Nevertheless, you should note that there are several types of wood for smoking available in the market. As such, choosing the right one can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you have no prior experience. Additionally, the smoky flavor dramatically differs from one type of wood to another, which further complicates the choices. But the good news is we have covered this issue for you. 

In this guide, we will list our top choices that you can use for smoking lamb. All you need to do is read this write-up and choose what you like the most.

Most Excellent types of wood for Smoking Lamb

The types of wood you choose to use will considerably vary based on the kind of food you are smoking. In our case, we are talking about smoking lamb. Remember, these woods are not only suitable for smoking lamb, but you can also use it for smoking other food items. The following are some best wood that you should consider next time you smoke lamb:

Mulberry Wood

One of the best types of wood for smoking lamb is mulberry wood, which is quite similar to apple wood. It has a mild smoky flavor that perfectly complements when smoking lamb. Another good thing about this wood is that it provides a versatile functionality, which means you can use it for smoking other types of meat. However, the mulberry wood best works when combined with other fruitwoods, such as apple.

Cherry Wood

Another best type of wood for smoking lamb is cherry wood, which provides a gentle and sweet-fruity flavor. An essential attribute of this wood is that it works well with a wide range of meat. But we think it will specifically work well for smoking lamb due to its right smoking intensity. Additionally, you can enhance cherry wood’s flavor by mixing it with stronger flavor woods, such as hickory.

However, the downside of cherry wood is that it is not an excellent option for speeding up the smoking process. It is because this wood takes an extended time to permeate the flavor in your meat thoroughly. Hence, we recommend using it when you are not in a hurry. 


Applewood is another best wood for smoking lamb, which has a similar flavor to cherry wood. It burns relatively hot and provides a decent sweet, smoky flavor to your food. You can also use it for smoking several types of meat, such as beef, pork, lamb, and some seafood. Despite being similar to cherry wood, both of them have different taste profiles. So it would be best if you try them both. 

Nonetheless, one of the applewood cons is that it takes time for your meat to get the smoky flavor. As such, you should consider blending it with some hardwoods.


Oakwood comes between fruitwoods and hardwoods when it comes to the flavor scale. It means that this wood will not overpower the taste and texture of the meat. So if you want a medium level of smoky flavor in your lamb, then oak wood will be the perfect choice for you. 

Another good thing about this wood is that it works well when blended with cherry wood, hickory wood, and applewood. However, oak wood does not offer sweetness in the flavor, but the good thing you mix it with fruitwoods.

Hickory Wood

Another best wood for smoking lamb is the hickory wood, which offers a more robust smoky flavor to your food. So if you want a more pronounced smoky flavor, then you should consider this wood. Besides, you can blend it with applewood or cherry wood to get a sweet-fruity taste.

However, it doesn’t take time to infuse smoky flavor into the meat as it generates a considerable amount of smoke. As such, you should use it in moderation. Remember, using too much hickory wood can make your meat taste bitter.

Mesquite Wood

Another best wood mostly favored by restaurants is the mesquite wood. It is one of the hottest burning woods due to its natural oil content. When it comes to the flavor, it has a strong and intense flavor like the hickory wood. Hence, we recommend using it in moderation. 

Another essential attribute of this wood is that it is suitable for smoking several types of red meat. However, if you are a beginner, you should think about opting for this wood when you have become more advanced.

Grapevine Wood

This wood has a tart and fruity flavor that gives your meat a pleasant, delicate taste. You can also blend in with other types of wood for flavor enhancement. However, this wood’s downside is that it can make your food taste bitter if used in a large amount.  

Pecan Wood

Pecan wood is another best wood for smoking lamb. The flavor is more intense than fruitwoods but milder than hardwoods. Hence, it is the best wood for blending it with other types of wood.

Another good thing about this wood is that it burns relatively slower than other types of wood. So you can use this wood if you want to cook for an extended period.

Maple Wood

Another best wood for smoking lamb is maple wood. It has a too subtle and lightly sweet flavor, making it an excellent choice for smoking chicken, vegetables, and even cheese. However, you should avoid this wood if you are looking for a more pronounced flavor.

One of the primary downsides of maple wood is that it is less common to find in stores than other wood types. 


To sum up, one thing to consider when smoking lamb relates to using the right types of wood. The reason is that every kind of wood has a unique flavor. However, choosing the best wood for smoking lamb can sometimes be challenging as many options are available. But we hope that this write-up has helped you narrowed your choices. It is now up to you to decide which flavor to choose. Besides, if you like more than two types of wood on this list, don’t be afraid to mix them.


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